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About Nieux University

Exploring Web3 can feel like you're learning a foreign language, but it doesn't have to be that way. In collaboration with The Nieux Society, we've developed an easy-to follow three part course on the core components of this rapidly evolving industry. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a wide-eyed rookie, we believe you'll find value in this foundational exploration of Web3.

Content developed by William Reynoir with assistance from Tulane Professor Rob Lalka

  • Origins of the Internet
    The first section is about the internet’s origins. You will learn about how the internet evolved over time, the intentions of the original creators of the internet, how the internet has helped and hurt communities, and more.

  • A Web 3.0 Wonderland
    In the second section, you will learn everything about Web 3.0 from all the different jargon used, its potential use cases, and why it's poised to change the future.

  • How Web 3.0 Works with NOLA
    In the third section of this course, and arguably the most meaningful to the Nieux Society’s mission, you will learn all about the ethos of New Orleans, how Web 3.0 works for our community, and the promise it can bring to the future of our city.

Course Guidelines

There is a lot of information to absorb when exploring Web3. The technology is still very early and changing every day, so keep that in mind as you navigate the course. The course has been broken up into three sections.

504 founder NFT Tim

Section 1

1. History of the Internet
2. The Intentions of the Internet Pioneers
3. Hopes, Hypes, and How The Internet Has Helped and Hurt Communities
4. Web 2.0 - Empowerment or Exploitation?
5. A Web 3.0 Wonderland

504 Founder NFT Patrick

Section 2

6. The Dawn of Web 3.0
7.What is this Blockchain Thing?
8. Alphabet Soup - DAOs, NFTs, DeFi, and Other Jargon
9. Hopes vs. Hypes of Web 3.0 Where we are Today, and Where the Future Will Take Us

504 Founder NFT Zach

Section 3

10. How Web 3.0 Works with NOLA
11. A Background of New Orleans
12. New Orleans Culture - One of a Kind
13. NOLA x Web 3.0 - How they Synergize & What Web 3.0 Means for the Future of New Orleans

Salon Discussions

Hear from Web3 influencers. New ideas, projects, and videos that connect the NOLA community with Web3.

Want to get involved?

ENS Domain

Tired of having to give people your long wallet address? Here's a handy guide for registering an ENS domain for your walle.


Martin Holly shows us virtual reality gaming and the Mavrik-Pro gaming gun.

Interlife at the Nieux

Access to NFTs in the air! Everett talks about enabling unique experiences using geolocation.

Terms and Definitions you Crypto Degenerates Should Know

"Into the Thick of It" you have no idea! Here is some articles, definitions, and terms you need to know to survive

What is Web 3

Web 1.0 (1989-2005): Only offered access to limited information with little to no user interaction. Simply put, it was like a one-way highway with a narrow footpath where content creation was done by a select few and information came mostly from directories.  Think:

Web 2.0 (2005-present): The Social Web, or Web 2.0, made the internet a lot more interactive which enabled startups to build interactive web platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Wikipedia and many more. This paved the way for both social networks and user-generated content production to flourish since data can now be distributed and shared between various platforms and applications.

Web 3.0 (To Infinity & Beyond): Web 3.0 is the next stage of the web that is meant to "automatically" interface with systems, people and home devices. The idea behind it is democratization of the internet rather than the corporatization that we see today, where these massive conglomerates more or less run the web.

WTF is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a database that is not managed by a single company. Instead, it's managed by multiple people, making it a peer-to-peer database and thereby, making it decentralized.Why do we need something this complex: To Build Trust. 

WTF are Smart Contracts? Smart Contracts are simply a few lines of code instructed to run a set of commands according to agreed conditions between two parties. Instead of being physical contracts, they are digital and live in the BlockchainWhy do we need something this complex: To build trust, save money and speed up processes. 

WTF are NFTs? Non-fungible tokens - NFTsNon-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique tokens linked to digital (and sometimes physical) benefits which provide proof of ownership.Non-fungible: means that it's unique and can't be traded with something else. Eg.: you can't trade the Mona Lisa painting for another one because there's only one authentic Mona Lisa painting.NFTs are digital assets containing unique traits coded and stored in the blockchain in the form of a Smart Contract 
WTF are DAOs? Decentralized OrganizationsSelf-governing organizations that enable groups of people to work towards a mutual goal.DAOs have decentralized Payments:DAOs have decentralized Workforce:DAOs have decentralized Governance:DAOs have decentralized Community:

WTF is Ethereum? Ethereum 101: decentralized code Ethereum is a decentralized computer spread across the world that lets people build decentralized apps. Ether (ETH) is its Currency. 

How do I get ready to buy the NFT?
Get a Metamask crypto wallet that can hold NFT's. 

2.Set up Coinbase to hold your DAO token to allow you to participate in transactions and vote. 

3. Everyone will need to have Ethereum. You can get ETH from Coinbase.  

4. Get an ENS domain.
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