What if New Orleans were to be reimagined?
Let’s say...founded again.
Think about the type of city we would create.
What would be different? What would we be sure to preserve?
Leaning on lessons learned from the past - some the hard way.
Building on some of the beautiful magic that makes New Orleans one-of-a-kind, and
Addressing some of the systemic challenges we’ve long turned a blind eye towards.
Innovative. Collaborative. Inclusive. Engaged. Healthy. Sustainable.
Values aligned.

What if this Nieux Society was inspired by entrepreneurs, artists, creators, believers?
Born out of the ecosystem over the last 20 years,
Fueled by the dance between preservation and progress.
Exploring the new edges of the internet
With a ‘what if it works’ spirit.

What if we bet on big ideas?
By investing in innovative projects led by remarkable individuals and
Supporting them throughout their journey.
Generational wealth created, distributed, and reinvested back into the community.

What if we planted a flag on St. Charles Avenue?
On a campus that connects us to each other and the community we call home.
A place that curates thought provoking moments and
Inspires us to think differently about ourselves and the world.
Unique experiences connect us with our food, music, rhythms and rituals
While we envision a future roadmap for our community.

The next NOLA.
Decentralized. Democratic. Transparent.
A Web3 project.
Owned by you.
The Nieux Society

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The Nieux Society is a project of The NieuxCo, a New Orleans based startup applying Web3 technologies to strengthen and activate place-based ecosystems.