Why this, why here, why now?

The NOLA entrepreneurial ecosystem has formed and the next generation of leaders have emerged. We see a responsibility and opportunity to connect our culture to new technologies with a vision to inspire a golden age of creativity in New Orleans. Hell...What If It Works!

Why New Orleans and Web3?

New Orleans’ competitive advantage is our community and creativity. Web3 is providing new tools for community building and content creators. We believe New Orleans will be a leader in this new frontier and we are igniting the movement.

Who is behind the Nieux Society?

The Nieux Society is a project of The NieuxCo, a New Orleans based start up led by Tim Williamson, Patrick Comer, Zach Kupperman and Lindsey Roussel - entrepreneurs born out of the NOLA ecosystem over the last 20 years. 

Nieux Society Advisors include: Big Freedia, Walter Isaacson, Demario Davis, Ben Jaffe, Tara Hernandez,  Lauren Baum, Robbie Vitrano, Ti Martin, Michael Mimeles, and Rob Lalka.

Nieux Society Contributors include: Gretchen Howard, Boyfriend, Rob Mercurio, Farrah Appleman, Gil Hildebrand, Zach Sokolski, Ken Womack, Lisa LaCour, Emily Alfortish, Monique McCall, Will Schneider, Will Reynoir, Anne Lipscomb, Rachael Noto and JP Gebbia. 

The connective tissue of the team is entrepreneurial, creative and influential individuals with a deep passion for New Orleans and an insider's knowledge of what makes the city unique and interesting.

What are the Core Values of the Nieux Society?

1. What If It Works Mindset
2. Treat Others with Respect and Dignity
3. Be Present with the People You Meet
4. Be Naively Optimistic about New Orleans’ Future
5. No Assholes, Even When Tempted

What is WIIW?

WIIW is our motto and stands for “What If It Works”, a nod challenging the old way of thinking and  fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in New Orleans.

What will The Nieux Society do in the first 120 days? 

* Build a campus for 504 Founder NFT holders.
* Launch new Web3 projects whose utility is exclusive access to NOLA food, art, music and experiences.
* Provide educational and social events for 504 Founders.
* Collaborate to utilize Web3 technologies to strengthen the New Orleans community.
* Explore Web3 technologies to build value for the 504 Founder community.
* Come up with new ideas, yet to be thought of!

Tell me more about The Nieux: 

The Nieux is our campus and clubhouse on 2040 St. Charles Avenue where the 504 Founders can come together, exchange ideas, drink, eat, learn from each other and have more than a few of those “a-ha” moments. And at the corner of St. Charles and Josephine, it’s a killer Mardi Gras location.
There are bigger plans for the Nieux Campus after we launch Nieux Society NFT collection. Stay tuned.

How will The Nieux Society make money?

The Nieux Society’s business model is based on the sale of NFTs, royalty structures set within the NFT smart contracts, and the tokenomics of future projects. Smart contracts assign a royalty for secondary market sales of The Nieux Society NFT assets that go toward the Roadmap, 504 Community Treasury and Artists. We also have a front row seat to Mardi Gras which should pay electricity bills!

What governance rights will members have for the Community Treasury?

The 504 Community Treasury is governed by 504 Founder NFT holders who have a say in what we do and how it will be invested. A percentage of NFT sales, royalties and tokens will be allocated to The 504 Community Treasury to further the mission of the Nieux Society.

What are the dues?  

There are no annual dues. The NFT converts a typical membership into a unique asset that you own. You are a member of The Nieux Society as long as you own the 504 Founder NFT.

How do I join as a 504 Founder?

The 504 Founder collection is sold out. Check out the collection.

What if I still want to be involved?

We are launching the 5k Nieux Society NFT collection in Q4 2022. Click here to join the allow list. Join our Discord community, filled with entrepreneurs, artists, dreamers and doers who are working together to make the Nieux vision a reality.

What else have y'all done?

Over the last 90 days, NieuxCo led the creation of 3 unique NFT projects to the 504 Founder holders-
1. "Secret Garden" NFT Collection created by local artist Anne Lipscomb: an original piece of art commemorating the opening of The 504 clubhouse. [504 pieces] Check it out
2. "Nieux Brieux" NFT Collection created by local artist JP Gebbia: Gives exclusive access to free beer at NOLA Brewing Co. & a twice a year opportunity to buy beers with your custom 504 Founder NFT on the label.[504 pieces] Check it out
3. "I Know Where You Got Dem Shoes" NFT Collection created by 47 NOLA youth: In collaboration with Youth Empowerment Project, supported a sold out Sneaker Head NFT collection.[47 pieces] Check it out

How do I get ready to buy the NFT?

1. Get a Metamask crypto wallet that can hold NFTs. 
2. Set up Coinbase to be able to buy ETH prior to the NFT launch. 
3. Sign up on Discord to participate and engage with the community.